Meet Gail

Hey, how are you? I hope all is well. I’m good.  I thought I’d share about the beginning of my love affair with words. My father and mother introduced me to Montague Library, which was close to our home, and my mother would read Fairy Tales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, just to name a few of my favorites.(Smile) that is why I am a confident romantic. There were always books in our home, encyclopedias, the Bible and many more. As a little one, in elementary school I attended Julia Lathrop I loved spelling and I was fascinated with the letters that formed the words. In Junior High, I attended St. Anthony’s and I fell in love with poetry and I began to pen my first works. I loved, loved, loved to read, My favorite book was Soul Brothers and Sister Lou. Fast forward to High School I attended East High you won’t believe this! I disliked English strongly…….. and my highest grade was a D Yes a D.  That  D did not discourage me in my love affair with words. I began to share my poetry with my classmates and  I remember on one occasion a classmate, did not believe I had written a poem. I began carrying a Webster’s Dictionary, and I was determined to learn a new word and it’s meaning each day. I’m sending you blue skies.stockvault-clouds126305


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