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Hey, how are you? I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. I thought I’d share with you the reader, the Genesis(the beginning)of my love affair with words. As a little one, I remember there were always books and magazines in our home; encyclopedias, the Bible and many more. Jet and Ebony. magazines were a mainstay in our home. My father and mother introduced my brothers and myself to Montague Library, which was a hop, skip and a jump from our home; Central Terrace,(The Terrace). Mother would read Fairy Tales before it was time to fall asleep. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, just to name a few of my favorites. (smile), that is why I am a confident romantic.
As a little one, in elementary school, I attended Julia Lathrop and I loved spelling, I was fascinated with the letters that formed the words. In Junior High, I attended St. Anthony’s and I fell in love with poetry. I began to pen my first works. I loved, loved, loved to read. My favorite book was Soul Brothers and Sister Lou. After graduating from the 8th grade,I attended Rockford East High School(Go E-Rabs!). I began to share my poetry with my classmates. I remember on one occasion a classmate did not believe I had written a poem! You won’t believe this! I disliked English strongly…….. and my highest grade was a D Yes a D.Yet that D did not discourage or define my love affair with words I began carrying a Webster’s Dictionary, and I was determined to learn a new word and it’s meaning each day.
There was a season I call SILENCE and the SILENCE determined my destiny. I came home
on my 1st break from college. After hugging, kissing and embracing my family. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and opened up my bottom drawer. It was empty and in the pit of my stomach, I felt the emptiness. My heart was broken……

My mother had thrown out all my poems and prose. At that moment I gave up the love affair with words. I could not recapture those thoughts about those dreams. that creativity. So the SILENCE was loud, and life continued to flow. During this season I served many people, I became a mother of a beautiful son. Yet the love affair with words was a lullaby, sending those dreams to sleep. During this season of silence, many of the stories in the works were inspired the season I dub simply as silence. But that’s not the end of the story Always sending you blue skies……………




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