Fall in love…………..

The air is crisp and I sigh,  I wrap my arms around my favorite sweater, I breathe in Autumn, it brings a smile to my eyes, not a cloud in sight my feet skip through the fallen leaves and I kick them around yes truly the heart of a child and I giggle. I’m elated by the sound of the crunch  crunch  crunch……….of the leaves.

And my soul sings a song of joy. The  leaves in the trees are decorated in splendor and majestic exhilaration the gold the orange the crimson making a lyric without sound 

Yes to Fall is love

September 28,2019 6:00 PM: Queens 3rd year Anniversary and 1st-year Award Banquet Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Gymnasium. The location of the event is7120 Morgan Street, Rockford, IL 61102  am honored to be there Keynote Speaker. and will autograph copies of Waiting in the Wings Series

Stayed tune there will be more events to share this Fall As always sending you blue skies……..


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