I am thrilled to Relaunch Book 1: Waiting in the Wings and Book 2: Waiting in the Wings: The Decision is made in 72 hours.

This is a 10 book series that will reintroduce to some and introduce to other readers. Olivia and Marco who grew up on the south side of their community. Olivia Lin Marie Laswell is a young black professional, whose passion is serving children and families. Marco Tataliano is a savvy businessman who has mapped out his future as a millionaire. They both have a love and devotion to their families, and although they are culturally diverse they have a zest for life that is not to be tamed.

And when their worlds collide, it is a journey they never imagined. Their love affair is not the real love affair they anticipated. It is a mystery inside of a mystery that is the catalyst that will define their destiny.

  “Though others may fail to see the diamond that lies beneath.
He knows  just how priceless you are while you’re waiting in the wings.”


WaitingInTheWings-1Waiting in the Wings – Book 1 is the first in a series of ten books following the life of Olivia and Marco. Pay close attention to their story unfolds a season at a time.


WaitingInTheWings-2Waiting in the Wings – Book 2
The Decision Was Made in 72 Hours
What if this was your life? Olivia opened her purse and asked Marco about the envelope. He instructed her to open it and she obliged him. In the envelope was a one way, first-class ticket to Baltimore, Maryland and a check for $50,000 to help cover the expenses for the care of her son, Clinton. Olivia was dumbfounded. Marco called Sergio to take Olivia home.






















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