Hey! Lifestyle change.. On vacation?

Hello all…… I know I haven’t chatted with you in a few days. Yes I was flying beneath the radar. So I was a part of the Hydration Nation totally on board. I was having great success. Drinking my gallon of water each day. I was feeling good and feeling inspired. i had cut out sugar so I was headed for my zone. My clothes were more comfortable! My husband noticed the inches melting away, to say the least I was thrilled.
So arriving at the cabin we went for a walk,then went into town to pick up water you know healthy treats. Well when we arrived back at the cabin. Our sister in law had baked cookies that looked marvelous brownies too. I announced to everyone I was not eating sweets…. Guess who lost their credibility? After one chocolate chip cookie? Yep me. So of course I ate more than one. Sigh. Smile. Saturday was the 7th day. I admit I did not finish well, So by Sunday I reigned myself in so to speak. I went for a walk, I went sailing and went for a jog in the lake while everyone else swimed. I walked back from the lake which was quite a hike from the cabin. It was a blast.I lost 2 lbs!Yay!
Vacation is just that a vacation. Don’t be hard on yourself enjoy and if you splurge. It is not the end of your quest for a lifestyle change. Drink some water.
Go for a hike or walk or run. Chose your fitness weapon.Smile. I hope you enjoy your Summer vacation! So the moral of the story, life is a gift and it is great! don’t be too hard on yourself Talk with you soon

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