Water H2O…….

man wearing black shirt drinking water
Photo by Maurício Mascaro on Pexels.com

Hey all! One part hydrogen 2 parts oxygen. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. The benefits of drinking water are great! Here’s a few reasons 1: Your body is flushing out toxins in your body,2 It relieves fatigue 3 Lower blood pressure 4. Weight loss,5. Clearer skin 6. Helps muscles 7. Temperature control 8. memory function. 9. Helps joints. 10. Healthy bowel function. Of course this list is not exhaustive and I encourage you to look into the benefits of staying hydrated.
Recently I entered a group Hydration Nation Challenge. 7 day slim down. Well I started on Day 2 Im on Day 6 and it is a challenge. However i love a challenge.
So now I look forward to a reality check on the scale. Hopefully we will be in agreement! Talk to you soon!

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