A competition of one part 2 :Life style Change

Hey good Monday morning. I hope all is well. You know the benefits of a competition of one is really a healthy outlook.Your focus is based on you not comparing yourself to others. You know what? It is totally alright to admire another ones shape. And be really inspired and celebrate their success.

Now let me share more of the story. So I had ran outside up until January. That is when I decided to join a gym. I began to incorporate weight training to my competition of one. I began to develop a skill set by those that have enjoyed exercising with weights. Also the staff was helpful sharing with me what to do and what not to do, while lifting weights. One of the exciting things I learned about exercising with weights, is that after your workout is complete you continue to burn fat and your metabolism keeps ramping up. soon I noticed a distinct difference in my arms ,they were being sculpted. Now that is exciting.

The scale and I had finally become friends. It is amazing to challenge yourself like a did one weekend.So i wanted to lose a couple pounds by the end of the weekend. And I did it! I was in what I call a zone.

Exercise and nutrition had become a lifestyle,

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