A competition of one:Lifestyle Change

photography of woman in pink tank top stretching arm
Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

A competition of one, is an idea I adopted years ago. I had looked for a work out partner, yet it seemed there was always something with scheduling. Therefore I decided if I wanted to get in shape it was on my watch. so I got on the scale and looked at the truth. I began to challenge myself to change the numbers on the scale.

I began by copying every move my child made at that time he was two years old. anyone that has children or have spent time with children know they are active, always on the go. I then incorporated walking my child in the stroller in our neighborhood. Soon I began running while pushing my child in his stroller.
I began running in my neighborhood, always increasing the distance each week. I did not focus on running a three minute mile smile. I just hit the ground running usually an hour six times a week. I didn’t change my eating habits initially. My focus was to adopt the habit of running.

After my habit of running an hour six times a week became something I did naturally.This is when I addressed my eating habits. I began to eliminate sugary drinks, and I was not really a big sweet lover.Yet I loved to eat. I began to drink water and carried a bottle which had a net carrier and i placed it on my shoulder
monitoring my water intake.

So what worked for me over twenty six years ago laugh. I have to tweak my strategy for the life change I so desire. I though I’d share. Talk with you soon.

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