The scale friend or foe ?

Hey good afternoon. So I thought I would share about the scale. It has been my belief to always weigh in the morning. I’ve noticed when I do weigh in the morning my weight is less. Now if I weigh myself in the afternoon I always weigh more.

I’ve shared I’ve begun my lifestyle change. so after three weeks of faithfully walking a minimum of an hour four times a week . I was confident for the scale to line up with what I thought to be true. Well much to my surprise and disappointment.
The scale did not agree with my hypothesis. I actually had gained weight! I thought I was firming up, and some of the fat is turning into muscle.
and this appeased me.

The scale is a true indicator, of what is really going on. I have friends that weigh each day on the same scale. I call that your true accountability partner. This encourages us to drink the extra glass of water instead of the extra cookies or potato chips.

I believe the scale is our friend when we have decided once and for all to have a change of mind. The scale is not a foe it is truly our friend! Enjoy your weekend.
Talk with you next week

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