Lifestyle change come on USA !

As Americans I truly believe we all know how to lose weight. Who knows are bodies better than we do. We know what is healthy and we know what is unhealthy. We know what doctors have said to do in order to stop taking medication. So many times the issue of losing weight ,hinges on our determination.

Honestly,it is changing our mindset. A few examples I like to share. Use a smaller plate and when its empty. Then you have completed your meal. Drink 8 oz glass of water before you eat.Eat your vegetables first. Slow down chew your food slowly and enjoy the textured the herbs the taste of your food.

America walk up those stairs instead of the elevator.America park your car as far away from the entrance to the store. America get out of your car and walk into yes I said it the fast food restaurant, You know moderation is the key. Don’t get the big burger get the little burger! Smile. See you later and I hope to talk to you soon. berries-bowl-of-fruit-citrus-1128678

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