Keep moving…… towards the goal Life style change


Hey all! Ihope all is well. I just took a step of faith and yes got on the scale. So it was not what I expected. Yes it shows that I had not lost weight as a matter of fact. I gained weight.

How many of us have experience this scenario? We are definitely not alone. Well in my case I have been hitting the ground walking. A minimum of an hour a day. at least three to four days a week. Exercise for my life is fun. Yes I love to exercise. It’s just part of my DNA. I’ve always exercised.

Now here’s the truth, honestly I love food . There I said it! I am adapting the mind set I eat to live, opposed to I live to eat. At the end of the day as many say.We all get to chose how and what to eat. Moderation is the key to a successful life style change. Talk to you later

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