Lifestyle change a continuation……


“Hey!” ” You know what?”….the benefits of a lifestyle change adds longevity to your life. It’s
when you decide to change your eating habits. And replace Dove chocolate bar Lemonheads,Skittles. (You know your favorite smile.) with berries not only are they delish they are low in sugar.Also watermelon is a good alternative to that sweet tooth, A benefit of watermelon it may improve heart health

It’s time to dust off those Addidas (or whatever your favorite athletic shoes) and begin to exercise on a regular basis. You will feel better,your energy level will increase. The natural high that’s built inside will kick in as you exercise.It’s called endorphins.Pick your favorite activity. Oh so you don’t have one. Start out with a walk in your neighborhood admire your neighbors flower or vegetable garden.

I’m going for a walk in a few hours, Yep I’ve joined the lifestyle change….moving in the right direction.Disclaimer I love health and nutrition it’s something I’ve loved for years , I am not a nutritionist,nor a trainer. Simply sharing ideas that have worked for me in the past. Of course reachout to your doc before starting any exercise program.

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