Diet the four letter word…..

How many times have we all used the D word? Diet. It’s definition I googled.A special course of food to which one restricts one self either to lose weight or for medical reasons. How many times have we said “I’m going on a diet”? Honestly if I could calculate those question it may far reach over a million times. So the word restrict has a negative connotation.Put a limit on keep under control.

diet tells you what you can not have. You can’t eat fried foods, You cant eat red meat, You can’t drink sodas, you cant eat cake, you cant eat chocolate, and the list of can’ts is far reaching.
So get rid of the D word and replace it with a user friendly term. Lifestyle change.
The benefits are simply positive. Life style simply means that you are able to chose a life style of health and nutrition. These benefits outweigh no pun intended the D word diet. aerobics-brand-color-39671

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