Relaunching Waiting in the Wings Series

Hello, Readers, my name is Gail Johnson and I am thrilled to Relaunch Waiting in the Wings; Book1. And Waiting in the Wings: The Decision is made in 72 hours ; Book 2

This is a 10 book series that will reintroduce to some and introduce to other readers. Olivia and Marco.they grew up on the south side of their community Olivia Lin Marie Laswell is a young black professional, whose passion is serving children and families.Marco Tataliano is a savvy businessman who has mapped out his future as a millionaire. They both have a love and devotion to their families, and although they are culturally diverse they have a zest for life that is not to be tamed.

And when their worlds collide, it is a journey they never imagined. Their love affair is not the real love affair they anticipated. It is a mystery inside of a mystery that is the catalyst that will define their destiny.

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1 thought on “Relaunching Waiting in the Wings Series

  1. Reblogged this on Waiting In The Wings and commented:

    Hey all…..
    Super excited for the launch it’s coming faster than I have anticipated! so I will launch in November. I will be chatting with you soon.


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